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About Curve Gear

Curve Gear traces its origins back to the heavy industrial engineering and manufacturing sector. Our parent company, Pump & Abrasion Technologies, renowned for its groundbreaking slurry pumps, serves as the foundation for our brand. Inspired by their flagship product, 'The Curve Slurry Pump,' we proudly adopted the name Curve Gear.

In 2020, we embarked on a journey driven by a dual purpose: to create safety gear that not only performed impeccably but also exuded style. This realisation led to the birth of Curve Gear—a dynamic South African brand specialising in urban, outdoor, and safety apparel.

Founded by a group of engineers who shared a deep appreciation for both engineering and fashion, our brand embodies the belief that engineering goes beyond problem-solving; it encompasses the realms of beauty and innovation. At Curve Gear, we embrace the unique perspective engineers bring to the world of fashion. By continuously pushing the boundaries of design, we strive to craft clothing that seamlessly blends function and style. We wholeheartedly believe that the fusion of engineering and fashion can yield truly remarkable creations.

Our mission at Curve Gear is to inspire and empower our customers, providing them with the tools to unleash their full potential, shape the life they envision, and attain happiness and success. Through our stylish and resilient apparel solutions, we enable individuals to engineer their world and leave their distinct mark upon it.